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SkyCam for SkyStudio on the IOS App Store

SkyCam for SkyStudio on the IOS App Store

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Basic features:

  - Dedicated Wireless Camera, make different angles for the event in studio, broadcast to SkyStudio.

         + No delay

         + Automatic connection via wifi

  - Livestream directly to Facebook, Youtube or any online video platform ...

  - Easy change the quality of the output stream

  - Support VoD record in parallel with live broadcast

Thank you for using SkyCam. We will always improve the app, fix bugs, and bring you updates on the Play Store every few weeks. You can update your app automatically by going to the Play Store> Settings> choose to turn on Auto-update.

This update includes the following changes:

- Optimal connection to SkyStudio for more stable data transfer

- Optimize and fix outstanding errors.

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